A Vibrant Reform Jewish Synagogue in Bergen County.

Temple Avodat Shalom

Serving northern New Jersey since 1952.

Lifelong Learning

"When  I pray, I speak to God, but when I study God speaks to me!"
                                                         - Louis Finklestein
At Temple Avodat Shalom we feel it is important to not only facilitate the conversation but also to offer knowledge to get that conversation started. To that end we offer rich and diverse learning opportunities throughout the year. 

Our favorites include:

Wrestling with the Tanakh

(Tuesdays at 9:30 am) - A new initiative, organised and led by members of our community, exploring the Hebrew Bible from a variety of different perspectives.  

Torah Study

(Thursdays at 12 pm) - Now in it’s 29th year, a weekly journey through the Torah, line-by-line, with thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary.  

Wrestling with the Torah

(Saturdays at 9:15 am) — A discussion on the Torah portion for the week, infused with rabbinic and contemporary commentary, and lots of open-minded questions and conversation.

Rabbi Paul's Talmud Class - watch the Videos

Two years ago, Rabbi Paul embarked on the 7+ year journey known asdaf yomi, reading a page of Talmud each day. On November 2nd, 9th & 14th 2017 he conducted 3 informative sessions on the Talmud - one of Judaism’s most quintessential texts. We asked the questions, “What is it?” “Why is it important?” and “Is it still relevant today?” 

    Class 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    Class 2 - Fulll session
    Class 3 - Part 1, Part 2

New to TAS this year:

Wednesdays @7: A rotating series of mini-electives being held for adults during our post Bar/Bat Mitzvah program TASTE. A great chance to drop our children off and listen and learn with some very interesting speakers. 

February 1st - Conclusion of Robert Ellis' Course on the Holocaust

February 8th - Special Joint Program with Central Unitarian Church on Forest Ave. in Paramus

February 15th _ Jew & A

                       Do you have a burning question for our Rabbis that you always wanted to ask? Nows your chance. Join us for a thoughtful, and thought provoking evening where you decide the agenda and challenge our Rabbis to think on their feet.

Prayer with Meaning (Thursdays at 8 pm) - A new initiative this year, led by Rabbi Jacobson, exploring the siddur (prayer book) and how we (and our kids and grandkids) can achieve a deeper, more spiritual connection during services.

Also watch for:

The Rabbi Selig Salkowitz Distinguished Speaker Series, coming this November.