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Temple Avodat Shalom

Serving northern New Jersey since 1952.

Two Lectures by Rabbi Neal Borovitz - Saturday, November 17 starting at 9:15 am

Thu, 11/08/2018 - 2:06pm -- marnilh
Please join us for two very special lectures by Rabbi Neal Borovitz. This will be in lieu of Wrestling with the Torah.

First Lecture : (In Lieu of Wrestling with the Torah)
The Bible records for us two of Jacobs dreams. The first as he is fleeing the threat of death at the hand of his brother Esau,  and the second as he anxiously seeks reconciliation with Esau. Esau for Rabbinic Judaism became a symbol first for Rome and later for Christianity, while Jacob is the ancestor of Judaism. 

Shabbat Service at 10:30 am

Lunch and Lecture at 11:45 am (A dairy lunch will be served)
We will look at the texts of Jacob’s two dreams as found in Genesis 28 and 32 and use them as both a mirror to look inward at ourselves, and a window from which we can see the world around us. In particular, our focus after Pittsburgh will be on the challenge and tension of seeing Esau as both "other" and "brother".